I just got a panicked call from my OH to tell me the mother in law has been rushed into hospital. It seems she had a terrible tumble while getting out of the bath, this morning, hit her head and broke her nose. She’s in her 80s. This is not good on any level. The poor woman managed to crawl to the phone and call my sister in law, who in turn called for an ambulance and then, rushed from her place of work not 10 minutes away (she works in a bank and had to take an early lunch). She got there in time to meet the ambulance and see her mother off to hospital and then, was left to clean up the mess.

It seems the bathroom looked like a scene from one of the Chainsaw Massacre movies, blood everywhere.

On the floor, in the bath, up the walls … you get the picture.

The MiL is now resting in hospital after stitches and may or may not be kept in overnight for observation. They’re taking MRI or CT scan to check she didn’t have a stroke or something. We’re all now in a state of anxiety, let me tell you.

I’ll do an update when I know more, send my MiL your prayers will you? Thanks.