Dark Matter S1. ⭐️⭐️
TV show 2024
Watched May 8, 2024

It was just as well I had no expectations going into Apple TV’s latest SciFi show, Dark Matter, otherwise I might have given this one star not two. As it turns out this one felt a tad trite and cliched, picking over the bones of oh so many other shows that have gone before it and, recycling one too many over-used tropes (Schrödinger’s cat anyone?)

And, with a music score that made it difficult for this hard of hearing person to make out some of the mumbled dialogue in the first episode, meant I was struggling early on. Not that I missed anything according to my OH who, wondering out loud, asked why Jennifer Connelly was married to some butt ugly guy? Casting aside, why is everything shot in the dark?

The second episode did nothing to improve our assertion that we really didn’t care about the lead, or any of the supporting cast, who all looked like they wondered why they were actually in this mess to begin with. Or, how using the usual flimsy science—oh look, we have a cube that transports people to alternative realities—we’re going to get the erstwhile antihero out of the mess he finds himself in.

Do we care? No. Will we watch more. No.