How sad is it that we’re all stuck in this manufacture dilemma of having to self censor nearly everything we say, online. Greg Morris talked about it and so too has Gabz. I’m sure others have have also thought about writing their own posts.

Miraz too, recently apologised in a comment to me in case I might take offence at something she said (intimated). There was none taken as I knew there was no offence intended. She obviously wanted to say more but felt restrained because none of us know how our opinions might be perceived. Even if we’re playing Devil’s Advocate and looking for real engagement to understand complex issues that we might only partially grasp. And needing a forum, a crucible of knowledge and understanding, we’re trying to see other sides, other opinions, and learn.

Sadly, for all of us, it feels like we can no longer have any meaningful discussions because there will always be—not just differing opinions, which we should expect—but out and out extremist who look for any opportunity to destroy common discourse with vitriol, lies, and worse, bullying.

To ask, what’s the answer? I don’t know, I don’t know much more than anyone else who reads the news, soaking up all the horror going on around us, wondering why. What can we do? Or how can we change the narrative?

Well, one way is to talk, to take courage and broach what we feel are forbidden subjects and topics, in an effort to at least try and make sense of it all.

I’m open to listening, I’m open to discussing, if you are.