I’m participating in Robert Birming’s #Junited2024, which involves adding links to interesting blog posts and bloggers, to this page, throughout the month of June.

You can also see what the other participants will share, as well.


  1. Jedda — I was delighted to stumble across her blog recently. Jedda not only writes about her life and dog, but also takes daily snaps too. I found her post on Grief & Loss particularly poignant.
  2. Pete Moore — I think I started following Pete the first day I signed up for a micro.blog account. Not only does he write pithy droll posts about life and politics, he also confessed recently his dislike of his given name, which got many of us sharing stories about our own given (birth) names.
  3. Hiro Reports — Hiro writes a weekly report loaded with some of the best links to blogs and stories that always entertain me. Like this week's report which sent me down a rabbit hole reading about a lost typeface!
  4. Lou Plummer — I've been following Lou for quite a while now, and always feel like I'm nodding my head in agreement after reading one of his posts. Especially his An Undercover Liberal at a Gun show or Y’all they Lied.
  5. David Johnson — I've been a huge fan of David's writing for a while, I especially love his more personal posts, photos, and observations, along with his travels back and forth between the UK, Hawaii, and Portugal. David sure does get's around.
  6. Miraz — One of my favourite reads for all things New Zealand and some great photos as well. She's also a fellow tea drinker and crossword puzzle maven.
  7. Cole's Blog — Cole is another recent discovery thanks to others creating excellent blogrolls, and sharing a wealth of links over on Mastodon recently. I also enjoyed his recent post On Giving Up To Soon and Accepting Imperfections.
  8. Missed due to ...
  9. Missed due to ...
  10. Idle Words — Thanks to the Hiro Report, I was introduced to Idle Words, and, more specifically, their post on The Lunacy of Artemis which, by the way, is a really fun read for all space buffs, like me.